I simply love meeting readers, and I'd be more than happy to visit your school, library, or book-related event! 

I love visiting schools and showing students how fun and fascinating history can be. My presentations are fun, interactive, and sneakily educational; and they often delve into how I mix real-life history with made-up characters. I'm happy to cater my visit to your audience's age, size, and interests. 

Here is a sampling of what I offer:

"What if Hitler Won World War II?"
Grades 6-12 || 30 minutes 

What if the Roman Empire had never fallen? What if Archduke Franz Ferdinand had survived his assassination attempt? And what if Adolf Hitler had won World War II? Our history is full of these what-might-have-been scenarios, and it can be fascinating — and frightening — to imagine what life would be like if they'd actually happened. In this presentation, Caroline will discuss the alternate history genre and how she created the world of her novels The Only Thing to Fear and Live in Infamy.

"Choose Your Own Timeline: An Alternate History Adventure & Writing Workshop"
Grades 6-8 || 45-55 minutes

In 1945, the Nazis and Imperial Japan surrendered to the Allied powers, bringing an end to WWII. But what if the Axis had won instead and colonized the United States? What would our world look like today? In this interactive presentation, Caroline will take your students on a historical time warp, exploring real-life evens and then possible what-ifs. Following the presentation, she will lead the audience in a short writing workshop where students will start their own alternate history story.

I enjoy speaking to audiences of all ages at conferences and festivals. At previous events, I've discussed how to write for young adults, how to get published, and how to write diverse characters. Or I can talk about the topic of your choosing! I'm also comfortable acting as a moderator.

I'd love to talk to your students or book club via Skype, FaceTime, or your preferred live-streaming platform. My virtual visits last 30 minutes, and I can cater the chat to your needs, whether that includes discussing my publishing journey, my research process, etc. These visits usually work best when questions are prepared in advance and when the group has read one of my books.


  • $800 per full day, plus travel and lodging (up to 4 sessions)
  • $450 per half day, plus travel and lodging (up to 2 sessions)
  • $60 per Skype visit (30 minutes)
* Discounts available for D.C. area schools and Title I schools. Conference and festival fees are negotiable. 

If you'd like to chat about an upcoming event, please email me at carolinetrichmond at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you!